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If You Can Comb It, You Can Cut It!

Trim Your Own Hair With Confidence!

Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™


5 snap on guides for perfect length

Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™


for natural comb & cut

Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™


extends 40mm for hard-to-reach areas


Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™
Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™

"I can give myself a professional at-home haircut, how I like it."
– Fred J.

Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™

"If you can comb it, you can cut it...simple."
– Justin W.

Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™

"The extra little extension made it so easy. I would never use any other clippers."
– Matthew D.

  • Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™
  • Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™
Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™
Micro Touch® Titanium Trim™

Take Back Control Of Your Style!

The NEW Titanium Trim is the perfect “at-home” solution for keeping your hair neat and trimmed from head-to-toe! TRIM’s micro-polished stainless-steel blades are bonded with titanium and rev at 200 rpm for a more powerful precision cut while the 90° off-set blade angle provides the ideal position for a natural comb and cut experience. With five (5) comb attachments, you can get the perfect length for your style, and you can edge and trim with ease. Plus, Titanium TRIM™ extends a full 40mm to deliver the perfect power position for hard-to-reach areas. A soft touch, non-slip grip and built-in LED spotlight make MicroTouch Titanium TRIM™ all you need for total self-styling at home!

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